St. Joseph School, Ganjbasoda is a co-educational English medium school, established by the Assisi Province of the Malabar Missionary Brothers, an indigenous Religious Congregation of Brothers who dedicate their lives for the uplift of our fellowmen, especially the children and the youth. It is one of the Catholic Schools in the diocese of Sagar which started in 2008 and managing by Assisi Province Trust, a registered trust. St. Joseph school, a Catholic Minority Institution is governed by Article 30 (1) of the Indian Constitution.Itstands to meet the educational needs of the Ganj Basoda Thehsil and its surrounding localities.
The school is open to all competent students, irrespective of caste, creed, language and economic conditions. All students should be willing to abide by the rules and regulations set by the management of the school. Every child who walks into the school from its earlier stages gets the utmost care. His/her character is polished and refined in order to help him/her to grow into a mature being, ready to face tomorrow’s challenges and able to launch into the deep to brighten the world.
We consider each student as an individual person. In a climate of mutual trust, we help students to discover and cultivate their talents and to accept responsibility for their own development, and also to assist others in their growth. We assure the holistic and integral development of every student, in all the dimensions of their growth.
The institution is known for its excellence, discipline, education and leadership. The instruments used in the realization of this character formation are the teachers, parents & healthy environment. The school is totally private, un-aided and does not receive any grand-in-aid from government.